Surviving The Pandemic: 4 Basic Cybersecurity Steps For Business

By Sybil Andrea
Jun 4, 2020
2 min read

The massive shift to remote work during the pandemic has brought significant challenges to business. How do you keep your organization safe with dozens of devices accessing confidential data from insecure networks? And how do you fend off increasing digital threats amid the crisis? Here are four steps to protect your business during the lockdown.

Secure your employees at home

Safeguarding your company’s network at the office is one thing, but how do you do it with dozens of endpoints in different locations? Your employees are probably connecting from vulnerable home Wi-Fi networks and unsecured personal devices. 

A great way to protect your employees during the lockdown is a remote access VPN. It encrypts data on all their devices and prevents cybercriminals from snooping on their activities.

Review your current software

Do your coworkers have antimalware protection and VPN access on their devices? Is all their software up to date? Do they use secure apps to communicate? Make sure that everyone in your team reviews their current cybersecurity tools and updates them if necessary.

Keep accounts safe with robust passwords

On average, one employee has to keep track of almost 200 passwords. Remembering them all is nearly impossible. So how do you ensure that each account’s password isn’t just ‘password123’? 

Providing your team with a password manager is an excellent way to ensure that everyone is using complex, unique passwords. They should also enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible. This will add a robust layer of protection for your company’s resources.

Teach your coworkers about digital safety

Make sure your employees know how to protect their devices with a remote access VPN or how to spot a phishing email. Keep them informed about cyberthreats, digital hygiene, and why it’s essential. Your organization’s safety comes down to your employees and whether they actually follow the security procedures you establish. 

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