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Cloud software is quickly becoming the go-to resource for organizations. Making sure that your business data is safe in the cloud is as important as protecting your company’s network.

Ensure secure access to the cloud for your team with NordVPN Teams.

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Ensure the most secure cloud storage with NordVPN Teams

Unauthorized access to the company’s data in the cloud is one of the biggest security risks in every industry. From data leaks or losing client trust to massive penalties that might follow, not protecting your data can result in huge losses for your organization. Make sure only authorized personnel can see your data with a VPN.

Control access

Stay in charge of who can access sensitive data in the cloud. With NordVPN Teams, you can manage which of your colleagues can access your resources, minimizing the risk of unauthorized parties getting hold of your data.

Remote cloud login

Make sure you and your team have secure cloud storage access wherever they are. Whether you’re working from home or traveling for business, NordVPN Teams enables you to safely access your cloud resources remotely.

Use the cloud on public Wi-Fi

It’s rather easy for cybercriminals to abuse public Wi-Fi hotspots. NordVPN Teams encryption enables you to safely use public Wi-Fi in places like hotels, cafes, and airports.

Encrypted cloud security

Protect your data traffic with military-grade protection. NordVPN Teams secures your data traffic, so information coming in and out of the cloud remains inaccessible to hackers, no matter which device you are using.

Keep your business safe

NordVPN Teams


Dedicated servers

Use high-speed servers dedicated to your company only. Select the country where you want to be virtually based, and your organization will get assigned a static IP address.

Manage permissions

Control who can access your organization's resources. Protect your business from unauthorized actions and secure your company’s data at the same time.

Remote access

Reach company resources remotely. NordVPN Teams provides safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases — no matter where you are or which device you’re on.

Work on any Wi-Fi

With a VPN, get work done securely on any public network. Whether you’re in a hotel, an airport, or a conference, NordVPN Teams encrypts your traffic, safeguarding sensitive data from hackers.

Third-party authentication

With NordVPN Teams, there is no need to find, enter, and manage yet another set of credentials. Use your existing Google or Azure AD account for seamless login.

Easy security management with NordVPN Teams

Centralized billing

Easily manage your finances — you can pay for the service in one installment.

User administration

Transfer, add, or remove your coworker accounts from one centralized administrator's account.

Account manager

With NordVPN Teams, you will get a dedicated account manager, who will answer any inquiries you may have.

Easy to integrate

No matter which operating system you and your team are using, NordVPN Teams works on every major platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud services usually are services you access online. These can include data storage, online applications, servers, and so on.

There are multiple ways to access cloud resources. However, for secure cloud access, you should use a VPN. It enables you to manage employee permissions, encrypts your data traffic, and allows you to use it when you are working remotely.

Cloud services work by enabling users to access their data and applications online. So instead of hardware solutions, customers can reach the same resources from multiple devices and accounts.

Storing your data in the cloud is safe. However, before choosing a specific service, you should do some research about their privacy policy, security measures, and customer satisfaction.

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