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Cybersecurity is essential. You need a company VPN made for 2020 and beyond. NordVPN Teams makes advanced digital security simple. Our cloud-based business VPN lets your team connect safely from anywhere.

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Reimagining cybersecurity for digital business

A virtual private network (VPN) for business lets your team access and work on a secure network from anywhere. Mitigate risk, facilitate remote work, and help protect against cyber attacks with NordVPN Teams.

Powerful security

Powerful AES 256-bit encryption protects sensitive data traffic and secures vulnerable endpoints and home or public Wi-Fi networks. This keeps your team members and your network safe from cyber threats.

Scalable elegance

NordVPN Teams can be used by companies of any size. Grow your business and feel confident that your network security can grow with you.

Global access

Click between dozens of country servers and test new markets. By using that server, you act like a local. Determine market viability, evaluate product campaigns, and make QA testing easier.

Dedicated support

Businesses need cybersecurity solutions they can trust, and NordVPN Teams offers reliable solutions with 24/7 priority support. Dedicated account managers and expert customer service give you and your team greater peace of mind.

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