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One in three companies become victims of cyber attacks every year. Data loss is one of the biggest financial risks for business, in addition to the penalties for breaking data privacy laws.

Secure your company’s networks from criminals with NordVPN Teams military-grade encryption.

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Ensure data privacy with NordVPN Teams

An unsecured network is one of the biggest security vulnerabilities in organizations. With access to your company network, hackers can steal your clients’ sensitive information. However, if you encrypt that information, even if criminals get hold of your data, it will be useless to them.

Protect data traffic

Secure your organization’s data traffic with unbreakable encryption. It scrambles information, so even if a hacker gets a hold of your or your clients’ data, it will look like gibberish to them.

Manage access

Comply with data protection policy by managing which of your employees can access specific data. NordVPN Teams solution for business enables you to whitelist specific IP addresses, ensuring that only those with authorization can join the company network.

Protect every device in your company

Sensitive information can be stolen from multiple endpoints. NordVPN Teams ensures that every one of them is secure from criminals. So your coworkers can connect to the company network from any device safely, without risking the data.

Protect data everywhere

Your remote workforce or your team traveling for business might be risking the organization’s data by connecting to public hotspots. The Wi-Fi networks provided in hotels, conferences, cafes, and airports may be monitored by criminals. But with the NordVPN Teams encryption, your data is safe.

Keep your business safe

NordVPN Teams


Dedicated servers

Use high-speed servers dedicated to your company only. Select the country where you want to be virtually based, and your organization will get assigned a static IP address.

Manage permissions

Control who can access your organization's resources. Protect your business from unauthorized actions and secure your company’s data at the same time.

Remote access

Reach company resources remotely. NordVPN Teams provides safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases — no matter where you are or which device you’re on.

Work on any Wi-Fi

With a VPN, get work done securely on any public network. Whether you’re in a hotel, an airport, or a conference, NordVPN Teams encrypts your traffic, safeguarding sensitive data from hackers.

Third-party authentication

With NordVPN Teams, there is no need to find, enter, and manage yet another set of credentials. Use your existing Google or Azure AD account for seamless login.

Easy security management with NordVPN Teams

Centralized billing

Easily manage your finances — you can pay for the service in one installment.

User administration

Transfer, add, or remove your coworker accounts from one centralized administrator's account.

Account manager

With NordVPN Teams, you will get a dedicated account manager, who will answer any inquiries you may have.

Easy to integrate

No matter which operating system you and your team are using, NordVPN Teams works on every major platform.

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Frequently asked questions

With privacy protection laws becoming more strict, organizations are held more accountable for any sensitive information leaks of their clients. Any data breach can result in massive financial penalties, seriously hurting your company. And with cyberattacks becoming more prevalent in every industry, securing data is an essential part of protecting your business.

Some of the key principles in data protection are securing your data from leaks, clearly defining data processing operations, mapping the data, and determining who can access specific information.

The first step in protecting data is securing your company’s network from unauthorized access. Securing every device connected to the network, instating specific security protocols, and monitoring data traffic are some of the key ways on how to protect data.

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