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Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more popular and more sophisticated. They can significantly slow down or even crash your company servers, incapacitating your business.

Use NordVPN Teams business servers to protect your organization from DDoS.

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Secure your business from a denial of service attack

DDoS attacks are usually carried out by using a botnet — a group of infected systems that send data to the target’s servers, flooding their traffic. Such assault may last from minutes to hours, making the service under attack unavailable for its intended users.

Protect your IP

Protect your company’s IP address to prevent it from being targeted. A VPN hides your IP by sending data traffic through remote servers, so hackers can’t locate and attack your actual servers.

Secure your company’s servers

Don’t let a DDoS attack to take down your company — use dedicated remote servers. Just pick a place where you’d like your company to be virtually located. With remote servers, even if you get attacked, your actual company network stays intact.

Tackle DDoS attacks

Once an attack starts, it’s quite difficult to stop. But this shouldn’t prevent you from doing business as usual. With a VPN, you can switch your to remote servers any time, so even if you get attacked, that doesn’t mean your business stops.

Works on any platform

Make sure that none of the devices connected to the company network are exposed. NordVPN Teams works on every major operating system. You can rest assured that your entire network is secure.

Keep your business safe

NordVPN Teams


Dedicated servers

Use high-speed servers dedicated to your company only. Select the country where you want to be virtually based, and your organization will get assigned a static IP address.

Manage permissions

Control who can access your organization's resources. Protect your business from unauthorized actions and secure your company’s data at the same time.

Remote access

Reach company resources remotely. NordVPN Teams provides safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases — no matter where you are or which device you’re on.

Work on any Wi-Fi

With a VPN, get work done securely on any public network. Whether you’re in a hotel, an airport, or a conference, NordVPN Teams encrypts your traffic, safeguarding sensitive data from hackers.

Third-party authentication

With NordVPN Teams, there is no need to find, enter, and manage yet another set of credentials. Use your existing Google or Azure AD account for seamless login.

Easy security management with NordVPN Teams

Centralized billing

Easily manage your finances — you can pay for the service in one installment.

User administration

Transfer, add, or remove your coworker accounts from one centralized administrator's account.

Account manager

With NordVPN Teams, you will get a dedicated account manager, who will answer any inquiries you may have.

Easy to integrate

No matter which operating system you and your team are using, NordVPN Teams works on every major platform.

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Frequently asked questions

A DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attack is when a group of infected systems or a botnet flood the target with traffic. Depending on the severity of the attack, it can slow down or completely paralyze your company servers. A DDoS attack may last from a few minutes to several hours, so it can significantly hurt your brand and customer satisfaction.

DDoS mitigation or prevention techniques can include using a VPN to protect company servers and IP address. Implementing a firewall that monitors traffic can also help recognize an incoming attack early.

DDoS protection with a VPN works by securing your business IP address and company servers. A VPN changes your IP, so even if hackers see and target it, this won’t affect your actual company servers.

Use a VPN to prevent DDoS attacks. A VPN changes your actual IP by routing your data traffic through remote servers. A different IP address prevents criminals from finding out the real location of your servers, so they can’t attack them.

A VPN can’t outright stop a DDoS attack. In fact, no one can. However, a VPN can prevent an attack from doing any real harm to your business. By having remote VPN servers, you protect your actual servers from being attacked. And if a DDoS attack starts battering your remote servers, you can simply switch to different, stable ones.

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