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Set up Linux workstations with ease and get working on a secure network in minutes—all with 24/7 expert support.

NordVPN Teams Linux app

Save time and leave manual configuration in the past

NordVPN Teams for Linux lets your teams work from anywhere on a secure network.
Get powerful AES 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive corporate data.
Easy to use. Easy to set up. No hardware.
Connect to shared servers in 33 countries around the world. Hide identities and switch between markets for easy QA testing and campaign monitoring.
Our Linux application is compatible with GSuite, Okta, and Azure AD 3rd party-authentication.
Connect to your preferred gateways automatically, or choose to auto-connect when using untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

Linux installation instructions

NordVPN Teams setup steps
Download the NordVPN Teams repository package
Choose your preferred download package at the top of this page.
Install the repository package

In Terminal, run these commands:

Debian commands:

sudo apt-get install ./nordvpnteams-latest_1.0.0_all.deb

RHEL commands:

sudo yum install ./nordvpnteams-latest-1.0.0-noarch.rpm
Update your package lists

Debian commands:

sudo apt-get update

RHEL commands:

sudo yum makecache
Install NordVPN Teams

Install the application from your package manager.

Debian commands:

sudo apt-get install nordvpnteams

RHEL commands:

sudo yum install nordvpnteams
Add your user to the application group

The application runs on its own system user and group, so only members of the group have permission to use it.


sudo usermod -a -G nordvpnteams $(whoami)

Note that this change will only take effect at next login, so re-login or reboot.

That’s it! Your teams are now working on a secure network. For more information or technical assistance please contact [email protected]

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