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Head into 2021 with peace of mind. Secure your SMB with remote access from the world’s most trusted VPN brand — now for just $499 in your first year with us.

That’s your first dedicated server and 10 user licenses for 68% less than usual. Protect your business today and save $1,061.*

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Protect your business with the world’s most trusted VPN

NordVPN Teams is a next-gen cloud VPN for business. With our Advanced plan, SMBs can take advantage of a flexible VPN solution that offers secure remote access and network security in order to mitigate the current high-risk cybersecurity landscape.

With remote work rising exponentially around the world, NordVPN Teams offers an extra layer of security that is faster and closer to the user. You can encrypt your traffic and limit exposure to data breaches when internet browsing or accessing cloud resources.

We want to ensure that businesses of all sizes can equally address these major threats and allow your team to work securely from any location.

Reduce network vulnerability
Many SMBs work with third parties, freelancers, or consultants which can pose a serious security threat to your network. NordVPN Teams allows you to gain and control access to dedicated servers with fixed IPs and set up secure access to cloud resources. Our easy-to-use cloud VPN app works on all major platforms, allowing your team to work safely from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
Advanced digital protection
With millions working remotely, SMBs are more at risk of cyber attacks than ever before. With ThreatBlock malware protection and two-factor authentication, your team’s devices get advanced digital security. With VPN auto-connect and AES 256-bit encryption, your team can connect securely on any Wi-Fi network.
Convenient network management
Without a segmented network solution, your business’s private data can be easily accessed through any of your endpoints. NordVPN Teams allows you to create private gateways, whitelist your fixed IPs, and manage team access permissions with ease — all from one centralized Control Panel.
Seamless integration
Highly scalable and easy to integrate, NordVPN Teams can be set up and deployed hardware-free in minutes. Our 24/7 technical support team is on hand to assist you with remote set-up, deployment, and troubleshooting so that your SMB can get the most out of your network security.

Get NordVPN Teams Advanced plan

* After year 1, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the standard price of the Advanced plan annual service fee. The $499 offer price is for purchase of your first dedicated server and first 10 user licenses (current standard price $1,560). Learn more

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