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Basic features:


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Dedicated server with fixed IP
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Own your cybersecurity platform

Reach out for a quote to build your fully customized network security system.

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Invest in your network security today

NordVPN Teams provides secure remote access and protects every endpoint in your organization with industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption. This means your employees can work securely from anywhere — on any device. Mitigate risk and give your team hassle-free security today.

Access Remotely
Access remotely
Whether they’re at home or on the go, ensure your team has safe access to sensitive information and resources. No matter the device or network, you can give your whole team simple and secure internet access today.
Customize your security
Tailor your cloud-based VPN to fit your business needs. Build teams, create private gateways, and instantly add dedicated server locations around the world with your easy-to-use Control Panel.
Customize your security
Deploy in minutes
Deploy in minutes
Our cloud business VPN is ready to deploy immediately after purchase — it takes just minutes to set up and activate your service. Transform your network security and protect your team today with NordVPN Teams.

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