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It can only take one security vulnerability on your website to take it down. From DDoS attacks to cybercriminals stealing your data, without protection, your company is at risk.

Add an extra layer of security to your network with NordVPN Teams.

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Ensure website security with a VPN

Whether it’s a small business or an enterprise, your website or web application is under constant threat from cybercriminals. There are many ways how hackers may try to exploit your cyber security vulnerabilities — DDoS, XSS, SQL injections, etc. But with NordVPN Teams, you can reduce the potential weak points of your web application.

Traffic encryption

Protect every bit of data traffic with military-grade encryption. With a VPN on, any information between you and the web gets scrambled so no unauthorized parties can see it.

Concealed IP

Hackers can’t track and target you if they don’t know your IP address. With a VPN, your real IP is hidden from any eavesdroppers that may want to harm your business.

DDoS protection

If you are being targeted by a DDoS attack, there’s very little you can do to stop it. However, a VPN allows you to switch away from the servers under attack, protecting the website from crashing.

Secure employee access

Make sure that only authorized parties can access your online resources. With NordVPN Teams, you can whitelist specific IPs, ensuring your website and web application security and safety of your visitor’s data.

Keep your business safe

NordVPN Teams


Dedicated servers

Use high-speed servers dedicated to your company only. Select the country where you want to be virtually based, and your organization will get assigned a static IP address.

Manage permissions

Control who can access your organization's resources. Protect your business from unauthorized actions and secure your company’s data at the same time.

Remote access

Reach company resources remotely. NordVPN Teams provides safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases — no matter where you are or which device you’re on.

Work on any Wi-Fi

With a VPN, get work done securely on any public network. Whether you’re in a hotel, an airport, or a conference, NordVPN Teams encrypts your traffic, safeguarding sensitive data from hackers.

Third-party authentication

With NordVPN Teams, there is no need to find, enter, and manage yet another set of credentials. Use your existing Google or Azure AD account for seamless login.

Easy security management with NordVPN Teams

Centralized billing

Easily manage your finances — you can pay for the service in one installment.

User administration

Transfer, add, or remove your coworker accounts from one centralized administrator's account.

Account manager

With NordVPN Teams, you will get a dedicated account manager, who will answer any inquiries you may have.

Easy to integrate

No matter which operating system you and your team are using, NordVPN Teams works on every major platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Websites are increasingly targeted by hackers, so when it comes to your company data, it might be one of the most vulnerable sections of your business. By protecting your website and web application, you’re also protecting your company and customer data.

While there are dozens of possible web security threats these three are most common. Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) — multiple infected computers overwhelm the system with traffic until it crashes. Cross-site scripting attack (XSS) — an injection where malicious script is inserted into a website. SQL injection is when a data-driven application is exploited with malicious SQL queries.

Cybercriminals may try to steal your customer information, so by protecting your website, you’re keeping that data safe. A VPN can protect your website from DDoS attacks, help you authorize admin users, and encrypt your data traffic. This minimizes the risk of hackers getting a hold of sensitive information that they might use to take down your website.

Follow web security best practices to keep it safe. Create strong admin passwords, use a VPN and whitelist authorized IPs only, encrypt your data traffic, install a SSL certificate, and always keep your website up to date.

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