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Military-grade encryption for your company networks.

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Discover NordVPN Business features

Streamline your network security with an enterprise VPN solution.

Dedicated IP or server deployment

Each of your VPN accounts can get a dedicated IP address (individual or shared) for stable access to various services and databases.

Centralized billing

Whether you order VPN for a small business or for a medium-sized company, you can conveniently pay in one installment.

Dedicated account manager

As NordVPN business client, you will receive an account manager who will personally address your needs and issues.

User administration

Easily manage, configure, and transfer all enterprise VPN user licenses from a single administrator account.

License transferability option

In case of personnel changes, you can easily transfer a NordVPN user license from one account to another.

Privacy Regulation Compliance

Protect all data traffic in your company in compliance with the GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

Benefits for your company

Make the most of the VPN solution for small and medium businesses.

Military-grade encryption

NordVPN applies strong encryption to all your internet traffic so that no third parties can access your confidential information.

Easiest VPN on the market

NordVPN offers easy-to-use apps for all major platforms: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Users can download and start using them within minutes.

Strict no-log policy

NordVPN puts your privacy first, keeping zero logs of our users’ online activity and requiring no company details at the point of purchase.

Priority support 24/7

Our professional and helpful customer service is there to assist you 24/7, offering a wealth of tech knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

Early VPNs were set up to give individual employees secure remote access to their company networks – hence the name “virtual private network”. NordVPN offers a less centralized approach, encrypting all Internet traffic of a protected device, whether it tries to access corporate databases or browse Google.

NordVPN for business offers a great opportunity to secure a special pricing when buying multiple accounts. You get the same security and reliability of the NordVPN service but as a business account holder, you get a number of advanced management options and a dedicated account manager who can assist you with service inquiries.

NordVPN offers a number of unique features, such as double data encryption. We are also extremely privacy-focused, keeping no logs of our users’ online activity and requiring no company details to purchase the service. We offer 5211 servers in 60 countries, which deliver consistent speeds wherever your company is located.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act makes institutions completely accountable for the safety of their patients’ data. NordVPN helps your practices comply with the HIPAA by implementing a secure virtual private network. It offers military-grade encryption for the data, protects it from unauthorized access, and safeguards the company’s network.

The General Data Protection Regulation obliges companies to ensure the data protection of all their clients within the EU and the EEA. NordVPN helps adhere to the regulation by providing a virtual private network. It encrypts all data within the network, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.

NordVPN helps access and monitor international advertising campaigns in countries as if you were there. Verify if the ads are running smoothly, research SEO keywords, or view geo-restricted content in specific locations. Our wide net of servers provides access to region-specific content – websites, apps, social media networks, or online tools – bypassing any online censorship. Plus, NordVPN ensures your privacy online. It hides your IP address so you can research the competition without the risk of identifying your company.

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