Get NordVPN Teams for Android

Keep confidential data securely at your fingertips with our trusted Android VPN app.

Turn your Android into your secure centre of operations

With our VPN client for Android, all your company data is just one tap away. Safely conduct business over public Wi-Fi or mobile networks at cafés, hotel rooms, or airport lounges.
Our VPN client for Android lets you choose your virtual location from thousands of servers around the world. Get the local versions of websites, social media, and apps in 31 countries.
You’re safe even if you lose or switch connection — our Android app comes with an in-built kill-switch that will keep you off-grid until safety is restored.
Simply pick a gateway to connect to and that’s it. From that point forward, the internet connection on your Android device becomes encrypted and secure.
Does your company have a dedicated gateway? Don’t hunt for it every time — set up NordVPN Teams to automatically connect to it each time you open the app.
Secure your data the moment you turn on your Android. All you have to do is turn on automatic launch in the NordVPN Teams general settings.

How to set up our VPN app on Android

Install NordVPN Teams on your device
Download our VPN app from Google Play to your mobile phone or tablet.
Log in to your organization
Once the app is ready, type in your organization’s ID and use the available login method.
Connect to a VPN
Pick an organization or shared gateway to connect to. That’s it — you’re done.

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