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Easy and secure access to business data with the best VPN for iOS.

NordVPN Teams iOS mobile app

Reach company data on your phone or tablet with ease

Securing sensitive business data has never been so easy — simply tap on the gateway you want to connect to, and all internet traffic on your phone or tablet is secure.
Access business resources safely with a VPN for iOS, no matter where you are. NordVPN Teams helps you reach internal company data remotely on any of your devices.
Make sure your connection is secure, even on public Wi-Fi. With our business VPN for iPhone or iPad, you can securely access your organization’s resources whether you’re working from a cafe, hotel, or train station.
Reach international content from anywhere. Get access to local websites, social media, and other services in 33 countries — just connect to a gateway and enjoy internet freedom.
Turn on the auto-connect feature on your device, so you never forget to secure your connection. With the VPN app for iOS, you can have the VPN connection start automatically every time you turn on the app or only on unsecured networks.

Getting started only takes a few steps

NordVPN Teams setup steps
Become a member to register your organization and choose a plan.
Choose your preferred platform and log in with your newly-created organization ID.
Choose between shared gateways around the world, or connect to a private organization gateway. That’s it! You’re now working on a secure network.

Not a member yet?

Protect your team today with advanced and customizable network security. Already a member and have a question? Contact one of our experts.

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