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As millions work from home around the world, remote access can be the difference between business continuity and disaster. While VPN technology isn’t new, remote access VPN as a service is a modern security solution for modern business needs. Built to support today’s mobile and distributed workforce, NordVPN Teams gives you the control and visibility of an on-premise infrastructure with the agility and flexibility of the cloud. With secure and convenient remote network access, your team can work safely from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Highly scalable and easy to integrate, our remote access network as a service offers a much more flexible and cost-effective way to secure remote teams and critical business assets. Deploy remotely in minutes, set up instant access to company resources, and manage your network with ease from one centralized platform. Give your team the security and flexibility they deserve with NordVPN Teams.

PC & Smartphone

Access anywhere

NordVPN Teams lets your employees securely access business data wherever they are and on any device. Our easy-to-use remote access VPN app works on all major platforms.


Protect network endpoints

With ThreatBlock malware protection and two-factor authentication, your team’s devices get advanced security—and you get more peace of mind. With VPN auto-connect and AES 256-bit encryption, your endpoints can connect securely on any network.

Person with lock

Prevent unauthorized access

Choose which users can access sensitive corporate assets. With NordVPN Teams, you can easily achieve segmentation by assigning teams IP addresses and then allowing them to access the gateways and servers you choose.


Get help when you need it

Unlike hardware-reliant or open-source infrastructures, our cloud network as a service offers 24/7 support from our experts. Advanced and Enterprise plans also offer dedicated account management so you don’t have to worry about your security.

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What you get with NordVPN Teams

Cutting-edge digital protection with a VPN for business

Remote access and public wifi

Work on any Wi-Fi

With our cloud VPN, your whole team can work securely on any network. Whether it’s work from home, a hotel, an airport, or a conference—NordVPN Teams encrypts online traffic, safeguarding your sensitive corporate data.

Remote access

Reach company resources remotely. NordVPN Teams provides safe and secure access to your work accounts and company databases—no matter where you are or which device you’re on.
Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

With NordVPN Teams Advanced, you can purchase dedicated servers on demand from locations around the world. Deploy in seconds, whitelist your fixed IP, and create gateways for convenient access control.
Person working

Manage permissions

Control who can access your organization's resources. Protect your business from unauthorized actions and secure your company’s data at the same time.
Google & Microsoft logos

Third-party authentication

Keep things simple with no need for more business credentials. NordVPN Teams offers single sign-on integration with GSuite, Azure AD, and Okta.

Easy security management with NordVPN Teams


Centralized billing

Pay one invoice for all members and services and choose monthly or yearly payments.


User administration

Add, transfer, or remove licenses from your convenient Control Panel.


Expert support

Our experts are always here to help with 24/7 technical support.

Seamless integration

Our cloud-based solutions can be set up easily and work on all major platforms.

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