NordVPN Teams affiliate program

Earn money and help make the internet a safer place for businesses.

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Why become a NordVPN Teams affiliate?

NordVPN Teams is on a mission to protect companies around the world. With industry-leading commission rates, you can earn money while you help us keep businesses safe.

High Conversion Rate
High conversion rate

Our business product comes from the world’s most well-known VPN brand — NordVPN. With that trusted brand recognition and global infrastructure, high conversion rates are guaranteed.

Dedicated Manager
Dedicated account management

We’re here to support you every step of the way. You’ll get a dedicated account manager who’s ready to share best practices and answer any questions you might have.

Generous commissions

NordVPN Teams offers some of the best commissions on the market — including lifetime revenue share options.

Diverse traffic conversion

NordVPN Teams’ international marketing campaigns ensure the whole world is your customer base. We convert any type of traffic and geo-location for you.

Your commission with our payout models

Your earnings depend on the subscription plan the customer chooses. The longer the plan, the larger your profit.


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New signup


Affiliate renewal


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Joining our affiliate program only takes a few moments.


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You’ll get exclusive links and promotional materials. Then, start advertising!


Earn money

That’s it! You can now enjoy generous commissions on every purchase.

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