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Customizable security. Advanced protection. No fuss.

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Download NordVPN Teams for Android

Get powerful business network security with our easy-to-use Android app. With two-factor authentication and ThreatBlock malware protection, NordVPN Teams keeps your work safe.

Download NordVPN Teams for iOS

Switch between secure servers around the world in seconds with our iOS app. Get ThreatBlock malware protection and two-factor authentication to keep you safe while you work.

Download NordVPN Teams for Windows

Get simple and secure business network protection with our easy-to-use Windows app. Order and deploy dedicated fixed IP servers from your Control Panel on our Advanced plan.

Download NordVPN Teams for macOS

Protect data traffic and get simple and secure remote access with our easy-to-use macOS app. Purchase dedicated fixed IP servers from your Control Panel on our Advanced plan.

Download NordVPN Teams for Linux

Forget about manual configuration—NordVPN Teams provides an easy-to-use and feature-packed Linux application that can be set up quickly from anywhere.

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Smooth access to business data with NordVPN Teams
Private gateways

Remote access

Make sure you and your coworkers can easily access company data wherever you are. Whether working from home or on public Wi-Fi, with NordVPN Teams, you can reach business resources easily without a hitch.
NordVPN Teams

Straightforward security

It takes only one click to safeguard all data traffic on your device. Pick a server or gateway to connect to, and your connection is secure. Worried you’ll forget to turn on the app? Switch on the auto-connect feature, and the app will secure your device automatically.
Outlook, Microsoft, Windows

Third-party authentication

No need to create and manage yet another set of credentials. You and your team can connect to NordVPN Teams with Azure AD, Google, or Okta accounts.
Global server locations

International content

Our massive global server infrastructure lets you and your team access the Internet as if you were in another location—hiding your actual location. Choose from 33 countries for shared servers, or order dedicated fixed IP servers from over 20 locations on our Advanced plan.

Get working on a secure network in 3 easy steps

Become a member to register your organization and choose a plan.
Choose your preferred platform and log in with your newly-created organization ID.
Choose between shared gateways around the world, or connect to a private organization gateway. That’s it! You’re now working on a secure network.
NordVPN Teams mobile app

Elevate your security posture and give your team the network security they deserve with NordVPN Teams

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